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Video. You know you need it. You know it’s all but expected from Gen Z. But you’ve got no time, little budget, and your marcomm department is two months late on those new program brochures they asking them to help with a video? Forget it. But what if video could be as simple as sending an email to a prospective student? Meet Goodkind — an easy-to-use video engagement platform designed to make each of your prospects feel special, cared for and seen. Increase applications, increase yield, and decrease melt with the power of Goodkind.

What they do

82% of internet traffic is video, and it’s the most popular medium of communication (and entertainment) for Gen Z. Different from previous generations, Gen Z prefers their video content to be interactive, authentic and what speaks to them. Admission teams at universities and colleges must now plan their outreach and recruitment with Generation Z in mind. That’s why here at Goodkind, our customers use video messaging to show prospective students that they care.

Like Snapchat and TikTok, video messaging doesn’t just need to be short form to be successful. Video messaging needs to be easy to record and use. With Goodkind’s video messaging platform, we have helped higher education admission, recruitment and marketing teams boost yield by 19% and decrease melt by even more. 

Goodkind has made it possible to add powerful video touchpoints to any point in the student journey by seamlessly integrating with your current systems and workflow. We integrate with CRMs like Slate, Salesforce, Hubspot, Banner and others.

With our integrations, enrollment managers can act on student engagement data and insights to deliver the right message to the right student at the right time. Videos can also be delivered through multiple channels like SMS, WhatsApp or email.


  • Video messaging platform built for recruiting, admissions and enrollment marketing teams

Who They Do It For:

We make it easy (And fun!) for admission & recruiting teams to bring their university to life by sending personalized videos to prospective students. 

Our platform is targeted towards students anywhere in the admissions journey. For admission teams looking to better connect with prospective students, admission counselors can easily record quick, personalized messages through video. Whether your school is looking to increase application numbers, improve yield, or decrease melt - Goodkind has you covered.

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The Schools They Currently Work With

We work with schools in almost every state and Canadian province; from large to small, public to private, to community colleges, universities, coding schools and online only programs! Goodkind is used by a mix of undergraduate and graduate programs too.

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What Their Clients Say About Them

  • Attendance at key events increases (admitted student days, open houses, webinars).
  • Much stronger early admit acceptance rates with Goodkind.
  • Amazing for international students.
  • Students give us feedback, thanking us for sending videos (parents too!).
  • Puts a face to the university and helps us stand out. Let’s us be personal.
  • Easy to use, easy to record.
  • Goodkind is what we talk about when we are considering new engagement and yield initiatives.
  • One of the few software platforms that tangibly drives bottom line and KPIs (no fluffy metrics!) .


This past recruiting season, we surpassed our own most optimistic expectations, exceeding our goal by 19%. Goodkind was a tangible point of differentiation for us, and helped achieve this team win.

Craig Chipps, Director of Admissions, Wilfrid Laurier University

Goodkind is like the Tik Tok of higher ed! We love it!

Hazel Claros, Director of Admissions, University of San Diego

Students don’t check emails. They watch Goodkind videos.

Monique Thomas, Dalhousie University. 

We’ve had really good results using Goodkind and I’d highly recommend using Goodkind in your admissions process.

Jeremy Waldeier - Northwest Missouri State University

The “Who” Behind Them

The Goodkind team has been working with higher education professionals for over 10 years, from enrollment management, to marketing, to admissions and recruiting.  Today, the team has grown from a small few to a mighty 30 in under a year, a result of their significant growth in education and other industries. Goodkind participated in Y Combinator in 2021, a highly competitive accelerator which is funded by the same investors as Airbnb, Stripe and others. 

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with team members in California, London, Bogota, Karachi and Rio!

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Justin Rotman


Michael Warshafsky

Michael Warshafsky


Mark Baglole

Mark Baglole

Head, Education Partnerships

Tarang Singhal

Tarang Singhal

Head, Customer Success

Maria Caicedo

Maria Caicedo

Manager, Education Relationships

Why We Love Them

Goodkind is the best 1:1 video solution for higher education that we've encountered.  The product is incredibly slick, easy to use, and loved by students and administrators alike.

In a few years, EVERYONE in higher education will be using 1:1 video to communicate with prospects, current students, and alumni — the smartest of higher ed marketers will hop on this bandwagon now! 

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