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Strategic Partner

Inroads Analytics

Inroads Analytics shares your passion for advancing higher education. They empower your frontline admissions and marketing teams to recruit, enroll and retain best-fit students. Inroads Analytics brings together a dynamic combination of data strategy, accessible predictive analytics, and academic sales development.

What they do

All of us understand that college enrollment has become fiercely competitive. Many institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to attract traditional students and tap alternative markets. 

At Inroads, they equip frontline admissions and marketing professionals with the data tools, analytics and training to be successful in this challenging recruiting environment. Their end goal is to develop data-informed teams that consistently translate strategic insights into enrollment wins.

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  • Enrollment Analytics
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Science Consulting
  • Prospective Market Analysis
  • Admissions Counselor Training
  • Financial Aid Modeling

Who They Do It For:

No one cares more about your enrollment than you do! This is why Inroads Analytics works with public and private institutions who want to give their frontline enrollment teams every advantage to attract students. 

Although some of the more in-depth offerings require minimum incoming class sizes, their market analysis and strategic counselor training can benefit institutions of nearly any size. Their analytics solutions can be adapted for undergraduate, graduate and online only programs.    

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The Schools They Currently Work With

Inroads Analytics is honored to serve established institutions like Trine University, Anderson University, Bethel University, Trinity College of Florida, Grace College, and George Washington University. 

Their partnership goes well beyond the provided software and services as they help you steward your institution. 

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Trinity College of Florida
Grace College

What Their Clients Say About Them

The institutions working with Inroads Analytics have described the relationship as a “breath of fresh air”. They are particularly amazed at the time and attention dedicated to client success. It feels like a genuine partnership where they are in the trenches, facing the challenges of the enrollment market together.

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“The people at Inroads were wonderful. I would recommend them to other admissions teams.”

Grace College

“We went into the training thinking it would be general sales tips, and instead, it was dynamic and relevant to enrollment!” 

Bethel University

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The “Who” Behind Them

Inroads Analytics was born as a joint venture between Taylor University and a team of technology leaders with proven results in cloud software. Inroads CEO Gerald Stanley has spent the past 20 years in SaaS development and deployment. He is passionate about furthering higher education and making it more accessible to everyone. 

The Inroads team is wholly dedicated to connecting data to people and people to decisions!

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Gerald Stanley



Larry Scally

VP Client Success


Joel Shumate

VP of Marketing


DeVon Hunt

Director of Learning & Development


Rina Campbell

Director of Client Development

Why We Love Them

Most admissions professionals are drowning in their data — they’ve got email metrics in one system, yield data in another, and social media profiling selects stuck on their desktop. What they need is a data strategy...a comprehensive roadmap that guides them on where, how, and when to spend money and where, how, and when not to.  

And that’s what our partners over at Inroads Analytics do so well. 

As the leader in predictive analytics and data modeling in higher education, you can think of Inroads as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Warren Buffet. Their team will help you solve the mysteries and uncover the stories your data is telling and then coach you on how to invest in a sustainable enrollment marketing strategy that maximizes ROI. 

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