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Want a better way to connect with your students, alumni & prospects? Mongoose is dedicated to improving communication between schools and their students by providing smart, automated products that personalize the student experience. Mongoose’s market-leading conversational software is designed specifically with higher education needs in mind. Now you can engage, build connections, and stand out from your competition - without needing to scale your team. Meet students where they already are with our premier texting platform, Cadence, or easily deliver instant, personalized engagement to each website visitor with our AI conversational chatbot, Harmony. 

What they do

Mongoose designs premium student engagement solutions exclusively for higher ed, helping colleges and universities build better relationships with students across the educational journey while reducing the burden on staff.

The Cadence Texting Platform, and Harmony AI Chatbot are used by an industry leading 725+ institutions to modernize communications, improve student outcomes, and save hours to weeks of time wasted on manual processes.

Designed for and by the higher ed community, the easy-to-use software comes with world-class support so you’re never left without a helping hand. Clients have access to best practices, proven strategies, and templates to get results quickly.

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  • Inbound & Outbound Student & Alumni Engagement Solutions
  • Texting Software & Analytics
  • AI Website Chatbot
  • Dedicated Support with Best Practices & Higher Ed Expertise

Who They Do It For:

Anyone in higher ed who connects with and engages with students, parents, or alumni. Mongoose’s engagement solutions are designed to reduce the burden on colleges and universities so they can better support and engage students throughout the student lifecycle. 

Popular use cases include:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Success
  • Advancement & Alumni Relations
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The Schools They Currently Work With

Mongoose is loved by over 725 colleges and universities across the United States and Canada with engagement solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of higher ed. Clients come from a wide range of institutions, from major state universities to community college systems and online schools.

Mongoose’s engagement solutions are designed for and with the schools they work with to save time and solve real problems across the educational journey.

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What Their Clients Say About Them

With feedback ranging from “finally, a solution that makes our lives easier,” to “I have no idea how I’ve been doing my job without it,” Mongoose’s clients are among the happiest in the higher ed industry. 

Schools experience quick, easy implementation and onboarding with little to no IT assistance. Designed for and by higher ed professionals, the easy-to-use software makes training and adoption a breeze while lightening your day-to-day workload.

With the help of dedicated client support, tips, best practices, and higher ed expertise, many schools report results within months of working with Mongoose. Schools report boosts in enrollment and retention numbers, higher rates of giving, and improved student outcomes. According to one AVP of Enrollment, "this is the only tool that consistently works."

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"Our enrollment went up, our drop rate went down, and we have more students attending our orientation than ever before.”

Brian Jackson, Application Support Specialist, McLennan Community College

“We've been able to meet prospective students where they are as opposed to sending yet another email that students won't read. We're able to build relationships faster than ever before because students know they have a real person on the other end of the line.”

Jeff Scharl, Assistant Director of Admissions, Alfred University

“Ultimately our end goal is effective, efficient, meaningful communication and, quite simply, Mongoose delivers all of that and more. The platform is very user friendly and the response rate from students has been excellent."

Stacia Mattan, Executive Assistant Division of Student Development, Knox College


The “Who” Behind Them

The majority of Mongoose employees have extensive higher ed and edtech experience on both client and vendor sides. The Mongoose team deeply understands the unique challenges of higher ed and are trained to coach you on proven best practices to better support your students and reach your institution's goals.

Mongoose's values are embodied by each member of the team to deliver the best client experience in the industry. 

These values include:

  • Being customer-obsessed.
  • Having a bias toward action.
  • Holding customers, individuals, and the company to the highest standard.
  • Valuing and trusting each other.
  • Being intellectually secure.
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Dave Marshall

President & Product Manager


Andrew Veatch

Vice President, Engineering


Leslie Skwara

Vice President, Operations/Finance


Jason Pearl

Vice President, Sales


Amanda Torrelli

Associate Vice President, Client Success


Nicole Gates

Director of Marketing

Why We Love Them

Mongoose is dedicated to being a bridge for higher education between schools and constituents. Now that's something we can get behind. With a focus on conversational marketing software, Mongoose takes great pride in offering both the knowledge and the tools to help higher ed grow and retain a long-lasting collegiate community.

Both Cadence, their premier texting platform, and Harmony, their intelligent chatbot solution, exist to create successful outcomes for students and staff alike.

And it gets better. The team at Mongoose is 100% dedicated to your success. Not only do they have a thorough understanding of higher education, they also work closely with you during the onboarding process and well after to ensure your goals are defined and that their software is delivering (and surpassing) the outcomes you expect.

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